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Food Safety Concerns and Solutions

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Concerns surrounding the safety of food have been rising all over the world, especially in developing countries like Vietnam that have more issues with food safety.  Bacterial contamination was listed as the main cause of food-borne illnesses in Vietnam in a report by the World Bank, with infection occurring all along the food chain. One way the food becomes contaminated is through the use of human and animal waste containing bacteria as fertilizers.  Another method is through poor transportation and storage conditions, since food is not frequently stored at proper temperatures to ensure elimination or reduction of pathogenic growth. 

Produce farms outside Da Lat

There is World Trade Organization-compliant food safety legislation in place at a national level, however, there is a significant gap between regulation and implementation, a trend which is frequently found in many developing countries.  Much of the exported food is up to code due to stricter international regulations and a desire to keep the export sector of Vietnam’s economy competitive and strong. 

Presence of

agricultural exports in VN


In order to increase the safety of food produced for domestic consumption, it is important to implement systematic, routine reporting of food safety performance from industries and businesses, since businesses currently self-evaluate their safety standards instead of receiving outside verification that their products are safe.  Additionally, focus on prevention of incidents is imperative, since prevention will be more effective in the long run than continual reaction to incidences when they occur.